Why GoldenFly

Hello GoldenFly's!

WOW! I just want to start off by first saying thank you for visiting my page. I truly appreciate you so much!

I never thought I would be a business owner by any means. The thought of opening a business was actually never a thought. But I started to become flustered with my local candle shops. My candle buying experience wasn't always the best when they didn't have any I loved. So, I decided to create my own. I then wondered if others were running into the same problem. So I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own shop.

Choosing the name GoldenFly, was not difficult. Gold in itself, is such a precious metal. It compliments skin tones, its radiant, strong, resilient & pure. Butterfly's are also strong, resilient & pure but most of all, patient. My Nina loved them & she was the closest representation to one. Her overall level of patience & purity was impeccable.

With that being said, my grandparents have now passed, but they truly represented strength & what it takes to be a butterfly. I knew that opening this business was not in any of my future plans. Therefore, this exciting chapter in my life is dedicated to them.

They are now flying high, watching me excel to greater heights while I become my own Golden Butterfly. Their words of encouragement are always in my heart. Knowing that my grandparents agreed that I could be anything and do anything I put my mind to, propels me. 

Knowledge is Power. Be anxious for nothing. ~ granddad 


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