Why GoldenFly

Hey there!

First, I want to thank you for your support and stopping here to read my story. I truly appreciate you! I hope you love my products just as much as I love making them!

So why GoldenFly?

Gold represents strength, resilience and purity and that's what I want to reflect in my business. Butterfly's are beautiful and have always been a sign of good luck in my family. They are also the closest representation to my great grandmother and her remarkable patience.

With that being said, my grandparents have now passed, but they have both truly represented strength & what it takes to be a butterfly. I knew that opening this business was not in any of my future plans. Actually, it was a very spontaneous move due to my local candle shops not having the scents I wanted. So therefore, this exciting chapter in my life is dedicated to them.

Stay Golden. Be Radiant. Take Flight.

J'Sharre, Owner





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